As the paper outlines, started in 2013, the NO MORE campaign started in recognition of the fact that although millions of people face domestic and sexual assault every day, little is done to create awareness about the issue. It remains hidden and is less of a concern to the public. A group of people from the domestic and sexual assault prevention came together and realized that when people unite and fight the problem, it could create more public awareness on the issue. The campaign’s blue vanishing point symbol originated from a phenomenon of zero domestic violence and sexual assault inspired by Christine Mau, a survivor of such assault. Organizations fighting against domestic and sexual assault had to come together and partner with the NO MORE to organize and make the campaign possible. The NO MORE PSA Campaign is headed by the Joyful Heart Foundation partnering with NO MORE and is directed by actress, Mariska Hargitay. The face of the campaign is a team of more than 50 celebrities and public heads who are at the forefront in creating awareness and asking the public not to standby, but engage in the campaign. Participants of the campaign mainly comprise of celebrities and other organizations that are at the forefront of fighting domestic violence and sexual assault on people. Other non-profit organizations that are dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault also have active participation in the NO MORE campaign. The NO MORE PSA campaign is a three-year public awareness campaign that is set to create public awareness in the importance of reducing domestic and sexual assault among families. The campaign is set to go across the US and other international markets. Among the tools to be used in creating the awareness include print, outdoor, online and other forms of broadcast advertising. The awareness will be made public in train stations, airports, and medical facilities.

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