Many techniques have been developed to study how for instance the sea levels have changed over the last few millions of years, even before mankind walked the world. Some of the techniques which have been developed include studying annular rings of old trees, coastal fossils, coral reefs and even fossils in the dry land. Most of these techniques have been used to reveal how climatic change has affected the earth and the life in it, even without the help of the human race. Evidence of coral reefs which have been found in what is now dry land indicates that the coastal lines I most places in the world were further inland. This is evidence that temperature changes can and will lead to changing coast lines and this is a very serious issues for the modern world where big cities have been build on coastlines. There is therefore a need to make sure that these issues are well understood by everyone and that everyone understands what hey need to do.
Yet, in the modern world, human activities have increased the rate of climatic change in a very drastic way, making it possible for the climate change to be the fastest in the history of the earth. By studying coral reefs, and coastal reefs, it has been revealed that in the past, coastal levels have been changed a lot leading to the extinction of vitreous specials of both plants and live. In the past, climatic change has been in two ways such as towards receding the coastal line as well as advancing it.

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