This would help the sporting goods store to decide on their advertising campaigns and also the inventory based on consumer choices. The assistant project manager is in a dilemma whether the decisions taken by the organization and the director are ethical.
Not receiving fees for any market research, does not relieve an organization of the obligation of not complying with the national and international laws pertaining to market research. Coding to identify the respondents, when the survey is supposed to be anonymous, is unethical, against the principles of ESOMAR, and can damage the reputation of the market research. Not promising anonymity in this case in intentional and hence cannot be deemed to be legal. Worse still, the data collected for the community organization would be sold to a third party who will be opening a sporting goods store in the same locality as the community organization. This is a corporate issue and demonstrates the culture of the organization. The respondents’ right to privacy is being encroached upon. It is also against the code of ESOMAR to allow personal data to be used for any purpose other than market research.
The stakeholders are those individuals or groups that have an interest in and are affected by the performance of the company or the way it uses its resources (Joyce, 2005). The stakeholders in any business include the employees, the customers, the community, the government, and the shareholders. In this case, the primary stakeholders are the workers. The primary stakeholders vary in their willingness and their power to make contributions to resolve the threats (Akpinar, 2009). The willingness of the primary stakeholder depends upon the compensation it earns from the firm. It also depends upon the relation of specific investments it has with the firm. Akpinar also finds that when a threat is perceived,&nbsp.the primary stakeholders collaborate to shape the threat at its source.

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