After reading the book, I have noted that one can develop a personal friendship with others even if they are completely of different upbringing in addition to the struggle needed to make as well as maintain such a friendship across a broad cultural canyon. The two men met in a homeless shelter where Ron served the food and Denver was a reluctant recipient of the charity (Hall amp. Moore, 2006). After reading the book I also noted that both authors are honest with their histories, struggles with themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses. Each man teaches the other about faith and life. The story by Hall and Moore shows that a true level of commitment is needed in order to be an effective leader in the service to others, especially social workers who are in constant service to other people. We should help the poor and make the world a better place.I am of a similar opinion with the book that the characters actually struggle with real life situations and honest emotions, and they find a way of overcoming the challenges. More to the point, the book is an inspiration to the readers to take off their racial and economic, as well as social blinders so as to see who people are at the heart level. However, I disagree with the book when it talks about visitation where a dead person returns to the earth briefly to offer encouragement and comfort. This makes the book to be a fiction, yet it is based on real life experiences. The information from the book, The Same Kind of Different as Me has influenced positively. I now know that friendship can be formed regardless of our social status in the society. Ron is a wealthy international art dealer while Denver worked in the cotton fields and later escaped to a homeless shelter where he met Ron Hall and formed the unlikely bond. Formation of friendship is key in social work practice Besides, I have learned that any person who wants to be challenged should make a difference in their own lives and those of others around them. Hall and Moore (2006) assert that Moore lived through years of hardship working in the plantation in Red River Parish, Louisiana, but his life together with others changed when he met Hall who was a volunteer in the meals program. We should not judge people until we have walked a mile in their shoes. Additionally, just like Ron’s wife, Debbie Hall, we should step outside boundaries and help the underprivileged people. One of the issues that a social worker can respond to is lack of shelter. Social workers should provide social work support to people isolated within the community and face practical problems with housing. The other issue mentioned in the book that a social worker can play a role in is ensuring that that a person has some food to eat and receives proper medical attention. Social work plays a major role in assisting people who are struggling with feeding challenges to improve their living conditions by having access to food.Using the information from the book, in future I aim to help the disadvantaged people improve their health and well being, enhance intellectual and emotional development of people who require help, using an evidence-based approach to practice, intervening directly to other people’s lives to make sure that persons are safe along with being able to make their own decisions, assisting people in poverty to enhance their financial position, understand that diversity characterises as well as shapes human experience and is crucial to the development of identity, the quality of the worker-client relationship is essential.ReferenceHall, R., amp. Moore, D. (2006). Same Kind of Different As Me. New York: Thoma Nelson Publishers.

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