The economy of any country ‘does not like sudden changes’. It is worth mentioning that the mentality of the Soviet people has some special features and there are always people who want to change everything they do not like. The problem is that they are not always successful in this. If to go back to the history of Russia, it is obvious that there were always attempts to reform the economy of Russia in the market direction. Here it would be appropriate to enumerate some names of the great reformers of Russia and the USSR. They are Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander I, Alexander II, Peter Stolypin, V. Lenin, N. Khrushchev, M. Gorbachev, H. Haidar, B. Eltsin and others.
The current issue of this work is to define the main weak and strong points of the attempt are Khrushchev and Gorbachev to reform the Soviet system. The interest of this problem is determined by the sudden fall of the effectiveness of the USSR economy that brought the country to collapse.
It is worth mentioning that Khrushchev as a leader was prominent for his human features in comparison with Stalin. Many politicians and historians say that he had a humanistic character, kindly sympathized with people and their life. During the years of his work, he managed to do so much that it is hardly impossible to compare his activity with any other leaders of the Soviet Union. Khrushchev’s reforms are impressive for their variety and antipathy: the care of principles of material interests and the liquidation of the personal property. the rehabilitation of the victims of the cult of personality and the refuse of rehabilitation of the Stalin’s opposition. the return of the Kalmyks to their native land and he refused the Germans in that. the return of the imprisoned people from the camp life and the refusal of justice towards their butchers. the attempt to make the wage stable and the orientation to the free social consumption funds. the striving for peace and the hydrogen bombs.&nbsp.
Speaking about Khrushchev’s attempts to reform the Soviet system it should be mentioned that at the time when he headed the country the USSR was at the top of its development.

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