The global demographic transition has caused health and social care services worldwide to address the needs of older people as a priority. Frail older people, who are elderly people with physical or mental impairments, are major users of these services. Attending to their needs in person, and to those of the entire population of elderly people, is quite a challenge. Proper care is needed in order to make a positive impact on the health and independence of the elderly. However, the situation today is insufficient and does not always comply with the requirements.

Home care for older people in England is often "inflexible, misses opportunities to promote independence and suffers chronic staff shortages", shows a report published by the Commission for Social Care Inspection. The commission has found that services are concentrated on older people with severe needs, and this is why many other older people, who would certainly benefit from home care, do not receive it. Also, the commissions’ report reveals that some employers attempt to save money on selection and recruitment of home care nurses, and 39% of inspected agencies failed to meet the national minimum standards in this area.

Be that as it may, home care services have improved since in the past years. For instance, three-quarters of providers were found to comply with the minimum national requirements, and inspectors of the commission praised certain aspects of personal care, which were associated with "respectful, caring and helpful attitudes of staff"(Hocking, 2006).

There are different opinions as to the current welfare state of elderly people today and the services&nbsp.provided- some claim it is highly insufficient and others claim it is evolving well, especially after the report of the commission has been released. Either way, the significance of this matter is obvious and tangible.

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