In both The Tenth Circle and My Sister’s Keeper, the main characters are teenage girls. In The Tenth Circle the main character is Trixie, a fourteen-year-old-girl who is constantly trying to break away from her parents and grasp onto independence, and who is dealing with the not-so-easy task of trying to fit into high school, deal with a first crush, and sever the tight grasp of her father’s hold on her. When the reader first meets Trixie, she has just been dumped by her first love and is attempting to grapple with the multitude of emotions that comes along with that. The narrator describes Trixie’s thoughts and feelings as she arrives at High School and wonders if everyone knows. The narrator explains that Trixie "had been a ghost since the breakup. This meant that she walked around the school and smiled when she was supposed to and pretended to listen to the teacher like she was supposed to while feeling and thinking nothing." The narrator also explains that "Trixie had overheard a girl making a bet about when she might fall apart in a public situation" (20). Thus this text immediately puts its main character into perspective. Jodi Picoult does a fantastic job of utilizing the teenage emotions and trials that all human beings can relate to in order to make her main character a person that the reader can understand.

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