The macro-environment contains forces such as social, cultural, political, economic, technological, legal, environmental and economic factors (Armstrong &amp. Kotler 2000). Appendix I illustrates the interaction of the Macro Environmental factors with the organization.
Shyamali Exports is a mid-scale business operation based in Chennai – India and operates with modern machinery in designing, weaving and manufacturing home accessory products as cushions, quilts, table linen and curtains (Shyamali Exports 2005).
For a company to be successful in crafting and implementing business strategies, a clear understanding of the organizational environment is required (Abell 1980). Influencing factors in the macro environment of the organization need to be analyzed and understood so that strategies being developed will fit well with the environmental conditions. (Thomson &amp. Strickland 2003). Macro environmental effects can be evaluated with the use of PESTLE analysis covering, Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Legal and Economic Aspects of the Macro Environment (Zeithaml &amp. Zeithaml 1984). Below PESTLE Analysis evaluates the uncontrollable macro-environmental factors which affects the business operations of Shyamali Exports.
Political factors bear a critical impact on the industry in terms of its current turbulent situation. Some of the positive developments in the political environment involve the liberalization of most of the closed economies and a greater level of foreign trade and foreign direct investments. India is one such example and companies such as&nbsp.Shyamali Exports have benefited through such change. However, the recent political environment has been marked with terrorism and wars, which affected the Western world in an unprecedented manner. Terror attacks such as the 9/11 World Trade Center bombing, Bali resort attacks, the bombings in the Middle East and the recent subway bombings in London are all affecting business environments and trade relationships.&nbsp.

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