es in recruitment, include Medical/Healthcare, Engineering/Technical services, Information Technology, Professional positions, Executive positions and international Recruitment. However, clients who come up with staffing needs that the organization does not serve are not turned away, but it recruits specialists in that field on contract to undertake the recruitment for that specific organization.Being one of the leading recruitment agencies in US, the organization’s size comes with a total number of 28 staff members, who are involved in different functions in the organization. The organization also takes recruiters on contract during hiring, whenever the organization has inadequate recruiters (Heneman, Judge and Kammeyer-Mueller, 2012). Most of the employees in the organization are recruited directly by the organization from its large database of job seekers, which greatly minimizes recruitment costs for the organization. Most of the internal recruiters in the organization have different recruitment expertise and specializations to serve different client needs (Gully and Phillips, 2010).In this paper, the focus will be on the Senior Recruiter Job position at the USA Staffing Network, Inc. In order to get the right information and as much detailed as possible, it was important to take up a middle level or senior position in recruitment organization, which would provide the desired information in this study. Consequently, the Senior Recruiter Job position was a favorite choice. The choice of this job position is informed by the fact that it has a high responsibility at the organization and hence the person in-charge is very knowledgeable of the various function of the organization (Gully and Phillips, 2010). Further, the person has a wide experience working as a recruiter and hence will give a more detailed insight in to how recruitment and staffing organizations functions.The Senior Recruiter in a staffing organization is a crucial person in the core

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