It is considerably easy to carry out.
It is time consuming
Written sources
3 b. Discuss the purpose and features of a CASE tool, which could support the development of the required system for United Holidays
They enhance software development. They generate codes automatically and also used in normalization.
Diagramming tools are used to draw the system models required or recommended in most methodologies.
Description tools are used to record, delete, edit, and output non-graphical documentation and specifications.
Prototyping tools are used construct system components including inputs, outputs, and programs.
Inquiry and reporting tools are used to extract models, descriptions, and specifications from the repository.
Quality management tools analyze models, descriptions, and prototypes for consistency, completeness, or conformance to accepted ‘rules’ of the methodologies that the CASE tools support.
4 a. What are the typical job roles that exist within the software development lifecycle, and at which stage(s) of the lifecycle will they each be active
Systems Analyst
Programmers: these are the people who develop the codes
Users. They give information.
Project Manager
b. Who are the stakeholders in an information system, and what are their individual priorities
System owners. These can be individuals or organizations.
System Users. These are the staff or employees who interact with the system on a daily basis
System Designers.
System builders. Are the programmers
Vendors. Are the ones who are in the business of selling and distributing these systems
5 a. What are the relevant advantages and disadvantages of Software Prototyping and the Waterfall with Iteration approach to software development
Advantages of…
United Holidays
In object programming the practice to combine simple objects is referred to as composition for example the classes in the airline can not exist if the class airline is removed

This allows the investigator to develop empathy for the study population through listening and participating. Additionally, observation allows the observer to become an "insider. The method is also very useful where no records of previous studies exist

Data can be collected quickly on specific items. these data can be easily transferred into forms allowing quantified and computerized analyses. and data collection tasks can be delegated to less expensive field staff. Questionnaires also compel the adoption of some "organized structure" upon data collection (Fowler, M. 2003)

Transition: in this phase the goal is to system and user test the system to ensure that it is ready to be deployed into production, to make needed corrections, and to actually deploy the system (Fowler, M. 2003).

This leads to the fact that data programmers and other professionals need to be prepared to change and grow their models, including their database schema over time. Furthermore, iterations lead to the discovery of the need to re-factor their schema to reflect the needs of new requirements (Fowler, M. 2003).
If your system needs to interface with existing legacy systems, and it often does, data professionals will likely be needed to be involved with legacy integration efforts. Data models are very likely needed, but they’re not needed up front.

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