That is when the state steps in, as safeguarding the welfare of future citizens are held to be of paramount importance to the state.
The wellbeing of children requires political action at the highest level. We are determined to take that action. We make a solemn commitment to give high priority to the rights of children (ChildLine Information Sheet 10).
Notwithstanding such universal concern over child protection, recent media reports have highlighted the huge scale of child pornography peddled on the Internet. Vigilance in child protection has never been more compelling than at the present time. The United Nations Convention accorded certain rights to children and young people (birth – 18 years). The following rights are adapted from the ChildLine Information Sheet 10:
3. Education. Free education for all children including special education for those with such needs. Schools should have an anti-bullying policy which must be conveyed to the children (Article 28 of the UN Convention).
6. Protection. The state must protect children from engaging in work damaging to their health and which would interfere with their education (Article 32 of the UN Convention). Children must also be protected from dangerous drugs (Article 33 of the UN Convention). Children must be protected from sexual abuse (Article 34 of the UN Convention).
7. Separation. Children may be separated from parents or carers only if it is in the child’s best interests. If children are separated from families, parents or carers, the latter has the right to a court hearing. If separated, the child has the right to keep in touch with parents and siblings on a regular basis (Article 9 of the UN Convention).
There are a number of government agencies charged with the care and protection of children so that they are not subject to maltreatment, abuse or neglect. Since June 2003 there has been a Minister for Children based in the&nbsp.Department of Education and Skills.

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