As an operator settles on the kind of interface to use they should endeavor to make it easy, enjoyable and efficient.
There are three main types of user interfaces including web based interface, which requires for the user to accept the input and provide the output, the command line interface where the user offers inputs by typing command strings and the system provides output and the graphical user interface whereby the user gives commands through the selection and clicking on icons that are displayed on the screen (Mandel, 1997). In the past, computer software was designed without considering the end users of the same. Today, it is becoming increasingly important to consider them otherwise it may not offer much help, as users interact more frequently with them.
Graphic user interface usually relies more on the mouse. It is for example, the type of interface that is used in any version of the Windows Operating System. It is mainly used because it requires less expert knowledge to use and it is very easy to navigate, for instance it is possible for one to look through the folders and files in it quickly (Wilson, 2012). It is mainly disadvantaged because it has fewer options as compared to other interfaces, and it has fewer options for customization. It is not very easy to use only one button for many variations (Mandel, 1997). Graphic user interfaces are very common in modern computing. Touch screens are models of the same that replace the mouse.
The web based user interface is the one used to foster the interaction between the user and software that is running on a web server. It is the web browser and web page that it has downloaded and then rendered (Mandel, 1997). It can also be defined as a programming connection to the internet. It contains features such as multiuser or concurrent access and granular administration. Users are able to log on to and to navigate through web browsers such as

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