Corporate Social Responsibility and Business in Society Corporate social responsibility, defined as the ability of businesses to strike a balance between sustainability and reliability, is the main theme of the videos. Corporate social responsibility is the businesses’ concern for the community. As businesses expand their operations, they need to show concern for the community they operate in. through corporate social responsibility, companies globally have to invest part of their profits in taking care of the society, either environmentally or financing social activities and affairs. An example of social investment that businesses could provide to the society is providing water to the people, which is a necessity. Despite water being a very important commodity for the people, most of the world’s population has no access to it. There is unequal distribution of water, and thus, the water mandate initiative, a concept of the United Nations, seeks to bring onboard the business community in providing water to these people. This is the most important theme discussed in the videos, i.e. corporate social responsibility of the business community. Despite the business community changing since the 1970s years when the term corporate social responsibility emerged, there is more for the business community to do in relation to the society. Although some of the countries are still in their early stages of corporate social responsibility implementation, there is a considerable growth in the level of corporate social investment globally.
Globally, there are different business models, all developed from the nature of the business operations. Over the years, business environment has undergone through tremendous changes to what it is today. However, there is no hope of these changes stopping. Rather, the business models will keep changing, to suit the underlying conditions. According the videos however, the current business model seeks to improve its relationship with the stakeholders and the society in general. This is only possible through corporate social responsibility. Moreover, the business community strives to establish a good relationship with the shareholders. As businesses increase their corporate investment plans, subsequently increasing their public investment budgets, they should strive to ensure that they do not compromise their relationships with the shareholders. The business model invests in various social plans and funds certain activities such as concern for the environment, funding water projects, among others.
The most important aspect of this model to businesses in my country is the kind of image it wins for business organizations. Through corporate social responsibility, the people increase their relationships with the customers. The model, due to its interactive nature, helps the business community identify the needs of the people. Forming part of the clientele base, a business organization can identify the needs of the people it serves through this method. Additionally, by creating a good picture of the willingness of a company to show compassion and concern for the public wins it more customers.
The most important aspect of this model to consumers in my country is the funding of various water projects to the needy. Although the biggest population has access to clean water, the small population without assess should cause more worry to all the stakeholders. While the government plays a big role in providing these individuals with water, the business community could play a bigger role in ending this problem. This is possible with more businesses coming together and starting water projects such as boreholes in the affected areas.

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