The women issues discussed relate to employment discrimination, sexual violence, and caregivers conditions. On the onset, Rebecca discusses her position on seeing public modern feminist disclosure in the current days. Through her discussion, it is clear that during the ’90s, individuals feared to present themselves as feminists but that is no more. These days, the trend has changed where even young teenagers wear clothes with writings that support feminism. Much of that credit goes to the internet for facilitating these discussions that in the past were hard (Judith and Rebecca 14). The debate is hot among the young throughout the world as they follow links and engage in conversations due to the participatory nature the internet provides. Through the media and entertainment, a number of individuals both female and male have taken advantage of feminism discussion making it a selling point for their products. There are women working in outstanding positions who remain eager to fight for female empowerment that includes reproductive rights. Life in the U.S indicates a system of ever-tightening constriction that the whole world follows (Judith and Rebecca 16). To Rebecca development of feminism remains too small but is achievable through engagement of influential women within the society. She acknowledges the role of middle-class white women within the society in achieving that objective.
In her response, Judith presents a partially contrasting&nbsp.view regarding optimism in feminism. She attributes the feminist internet as doing less in addressing the issue of feminism.

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