Robert McKee Robert Mckee is one of the most famous screenwriting lecturers in the contemporary world. He is really skilled in what he does such that he is able to teach intensively for 32 hours in 4 days of the week, whereby he addressed a big audience concerning screenwriting. Mckee is a very successful individual as highlighted by the number of award winners who have passed through his system. His students include 35 Academy Award winners, 165 Emmy Award winners, 164 Academy Award nominations and many more from various quarters. This is an indication that his works have been appreciated from many quarters. Even movie directors seek advice from Mckee on very many issues.
Statistics reveal that over 500,000 students have undertaken Mckee’s course in different cities of the world. Therefore, his movement and screenplay scripts have been well received by authors from various parts of the world. Notable actors have not been left behind in all these matters. This is because, they have also decided to undertake Mckee’s seminar so that they have noteworthy information about screen writing.
In 2000, Mckee managed to win the International Moving Image Book Award for the book story, Regan Books/ Hypercollins. The book is currently a reading requirement for Harvard film and cinema schools. This further highlights the respect that has been accorded to the author and his words. Not many critics have come out and criticized his teaching on various aspects of screenwriting. All these factors show that no negative impact has been documented to criticize Mckee’s work.

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