Sadly, continued state of war is what brings Palestinians together and so they consider war to be the safer choice as opposed to perpetual peace. The Palestinian leadership has remained strong to demands they are sure will never be acceptable to Israel because they believe that negotiating peace with Israeli will probably end the Palestinian entity and it will disintegrate what holds the Palestinians together hence leading to loss of political control and cohesion. Therefore, according to Palestinian leadership, creating peace with Israel will only bring suffering to the Palestinians and so they feel safe with a perpetual state of war. 11The rivalry between the Israeli and Palestinian has attracted the establishment of many agreements, but none has succeeded in bringing peace between the two states. Arguably, Israel and the Palestinians have mutually conflicting national interests, which are very difficult to be reconciled, and in both cases, these interests have a wide consensus. The Palestinian side focuses on an independent and autonomous state from which, it can establish a strategy aimed at eradicating Israel altogether, regain the East Jerusalem and eliminate all the settlements. On the contrary, Israeli’s side mainly stands against allowing Palestinian refugees to go back to their nation and division of Jerusalem. For this reason, Israel has been attacking and terrorizing Palestinians and killing innocent children.The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians seem to last for long especially after the failure of several peace interventions and this has attracted further research on how to terminate conflict and reconcile the two regions and specifically, what other Arab States can contribute to resolve the issue.A qualitative research methodology is conducted in assessing what Arab States should do to bring peace between Israel and Palestine. In this case, the proposal will utilize a review of

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