Encouraging euthanasia will cultivate the culture of complacence, negligence, and an increase in deaths from treatable conditions. Culturally, it is perceived as punishable by deities to take away life, a practice that can trigger conflicts in the family and society at larger. Today, people can live longer than before due to current advancements in the medical field. Terminal Diseases such as cancer and degenerative disorders are now sufficiently managed through improved palliative care and advanced options of treatment. However, living longer must go hand in hand with the quality of life failure to which an individual suffers pain and depression to the extent that life becomes uninteresting and meaningless. It is because of the uncertainties of illnesses that euthanasia has found its way into the medical practice. Most people who support mercy killing argue that it is a sure way of relieving pain and suffering while helping someone into a peaceful death (Emanuel, Fairclough, amp. Emanuel, 2000), however, this is not enough to justify its practice. Considering several aspects and circumstances surrounding this practice, it is evident that the demerits out-weigh the merits right away from the reason for euthanasia, the procedures involved, the professional ethics, spiritual beliefs, and varied individual opinions. It remains undisputed that life must be protected and death is not supposed to be initiated regardless of the patient’s condition, rather the end of life must be a natural course when all medical interventions have proved ineffective. It is for this reason that euthanasia must be avoided, by all means, leaving death to be an inevitable natural phenomenon of life. Respect for human life is one of the prime human rights that attract other rights. it is a supreme requirement for each society to protect life beginning from conception up to old age having in mind the importance of life. Different societies have vividly defined circumstances in which life can be takenfor example a capital crime or during the war. In this case, euthanasia is considered disrespectful to human life and therefore a violation of human rights.

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