The aftermath of the Civil War was disastrous and eleven states out of the union were waiting to be readmissioned. The War had smashed the economy of the South and had drained the sources required for repairing the inflicted damage. The land was dotted with white refuges wandering in search of food and bare necessities of life. On the other hand, countless Blacks who were at last free were either running with their masters or running away from their masters towards the lines of the Union. The rest of the four million individuals were busy testing their newly acquired freedom.
The aftershocks of United States civil war during the early 1960s were felt long after the incidence. It reshaped the very core of the social structure on which the society existed. The events and chaos of the civil war can be argued as major influences on the later outcomes that transformed this nation into what it reflects today. Although, the war struck all the states of the region, Louisiana being an important state in the southern region was affected severely in the hands of this massive turn of events. Its importance was due to its strategic location with a trade port. Orleans, a city of Louisiana was biggest in the southern region and provided with lots of manpower to the federal army to fight in the war.

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